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Using Purchase Orders


Send your company purchase order:
Attached to an email to
Vendor details:
CNC Consulting
305-9299 121st Street,
Surrey, BC
Canada V3V 7X8

Acknowledgements to purchase orders will be returned to the sender upon receipt of the PO.

Please note that we will not provide a permanent unlock code until payment of the invoiced amount is received.

Payment can be made online, but we accept cheques as payment in the following currencies:

Canadian dollar (no surcharge)
United States dollar (no surcharge)
Australian dollar (Bank fee surcharge for international cheque: $15.00)
United Kingdom pound (Bank fee surcharge for international cheque: £10.00)
Euro (Bank fee surcharge for international cheque: €10.00)
Surcharge amounts will be added to your invoice.

For the purpose of completing your PO, please use this Currency Converter

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