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List of Materials

Click "Show Material List" on the Machining Calculations panel to access this list.
The surface speed chosen can be copied into the Machining Calculations panel. The value inserted will be in feet/minute or metres/minute depending upon the system used in the Machining Calculations.

List of materials and recommended cutting speeds.
PC and Windows tablet version screenshot

Mobile version screenshot
material list mobile version

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We have populated the list box with over 200 materials and over 2000 grades. If you feel that we've missed something, contact us and we'll look at including it into a future update.
The surface speeds in this table are starting point values, assuming a rigid machine and setup, using generic grade cutting tools designed for the material chosen.
We have not entered feed values, because these are so dependant on variables such as machine type and condition, setup rigidity, tool condition, etc. that they would be almost useless.

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