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Calculator for Machinists and CNC Programmers
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Machining Calculations Speeds and feeds, RPM to surface speed, etc.
Includes drill point calculator, drill charts and tap drill charts.
Chord Calculations Chord data and circular segment calculations.
Bolt Circle Calculations Bolt circle calculator.
Right angle Trigonometry Right angle trigonometry
Oblique trigonometry Oblique trigonometry calculations.
Grid Pattern Calculations Calculate grid pattern coordinates.
Dovetail Measuring Calculations Dovetail measurement calculations.
Measure threads Measuring threads with wire calculations.
UN, ISO metric, Acme, Stub Acme, Trapezoidal and NPT threads included.
Polygon Calculations Regular polygon calculations
Keyseat Calculations Keyseat and keyway calculations.
Taper Calculations Taper calculations
Surface Finish Calculations Surface finish calculations
All calculations switch between inch and metric
Area of triangles and regular polygons are now calculated.
Angle conversions between degrees decimal and degree minute second.

Machinist's Calculator is loaded with features designed to make life easier for machinists and CNC programmers!

This calculator has been saving people time and money for over 15 years!

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After calculations are made, the data may be printed with the user's computer (does not support web-based printers).
The coordinates produced in the grid or bolt circle applications can also be copied to the clipboard for pasting into CNC g-code files in a text editor.
All linear values can be switched between inches and millimetres.
All functions using angles have access to the angle converter.

Download the free demo. Explore all of the Machinist's Calculator's time saving functions such as the trigonometry, speed and feed, bolt circle, taper shaft calculators,as well as the tap drill charts, decimal equivalent charts, etc. You'll spend a lot less time leafing through reference books! Close



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Machinist's Calculator is also bundled with the EditCNC g-code editor.