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Calculator for Machinists and CNC Programmers
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Machinist's Calculator for Palm PDAs and Pocket PCs

Click here for smartphone versions.

The Palm and Pocket PC versions of Machinist's Calculator software contain the following applications:

  • Trigonometry - Solve right angle and oblique triangle problems
  • Speeds and Feeds - Calculate between Surface speed and RPM, and Feed per Minute and Feed per Rev. Inch and metric calculations are supported.
  • Drill Charts - Look up decimal equivalents of Fraction, Letter and Number drills; Unified and ISO metric tapping drills. Value can be put into the Speed and Feed page with one click.
  • Countersinks and drill points - Determine between diameter, point depth and angle.
  • Regular Polygons - Calculate accross flats, across corners and side length.
  • Bolt Circles - Calculate X-Y coordinates for up to 300 holes.
  • Thread Measurement - Calculations for measuring over wires made easy.
  • Chords - Easily calculate chord dimensions.

Palm OS version shown.
We are selling the software, not the device to put it on.
Installation instructions for:
Palm OS:
Save the downloaded .prc file onto your pc's hard drive (remember where you put it).
Open Windows Explorer and locate the file. Double click the file and your Palm Hotsynch manager will list the software to be installed next time you Hot synch the Palm.

Pocket PC:
Save the downloaded .exe file onto your pc's hard drive (remember where you put it).
When the Pocket PC is in the cradle and ActiveSync is running open Windows Explorer and locate the file. Double click on the installation executable file (MachinistCalculatorPPC_setup.exe) and follow the instructions that appear.

Download the free, fully functional demo for your Handheld device. Machinist's Calculator software for Palm and Pocket PC is currently available for the following devices:

You will need to register and unlock the software before you have launched it thirty times.
Purchase Calculator for Pocket PC $3.99 Buy Now
Purchase Calculator for Palm OS $3.99 Buy Now

To register and unlock the Calculator:

  • Click the "Register" button on the main page. The registration panel will appear.

  • Note the EXACT text that shows in the "Machine Identification Code" box. Upper case, lower case and spaces must be correct.
  • Send the text from the previous step to us along with the order number from your purchase. You can email the information to
  • We will send you an unlock code. Enter the unlock code into the appropriate place on the registration panel. It must be entered EXACTLY as we send it.
  • Now click the "Enter Registration" button. Next time you start Machinist's Calculator the limit on usage will be removed.
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Machinist's Calculator is also bundled with the EditCNC g-code editor.