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Hexagon and other polygon calculations

Measure polygons
This feature only available for Windows PCs and tablets.

Polygons with any number of sides


Although the initial illustration on this dialog is a hexagon, a polygon with any number of sides can be chosen. Whether you have a hexagon, pentagon, octagon, heptagon, nonagon, or any other regular polygon, you can calculate across the corners, across the flat sides for even number of sides, or the outer circle and inner circle for odd numbers.

The included angle and area are also shown. The maximum number of sides depends upon the capacity of the user's computer.

Enter the number of sides plus one of the other dimensions, then click 'Calculate' to get all shown dimensions.

The 'Inch to mm' and 'mm to Inch' buttons may be used to convert values from one system of measurement to another.

If a length of bar is entered the volume of that bar is also shown.

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